Comment on Restaurant Pak Su

FnK Homestay Kuantan just a few km from a famous restaurant Pak Su. I found a bad comments and experience from visitors during their visit to Pak Su.

This is one of the comment:

Pak Su – Definitely a Tourist Trap!

As I was new to Kuantan, I saw Pak Su while driving from Swiss Garden to the town and decided to give it a try. Immediately, when we sat down, the waitress came and started to take our orders. We wanted crabs but she said didn’t have. And started to recommend stuff crab instead and also kept on pushing for their signature seafood claypot dish. We took her recommendations and to our disappointment, the stuff crabs were ‘mickey mouse’ size and the claypot dish came in a cold plate! We insisted that we ordered a claypot dish and she took back into a kitchen and pour the dish into a claypot and voila! we got our claypot dish! This was the most ridiculous restaurant in Kuantan and the service was terrible. The bill came out to be much higher than expected especially due to the silly signature dish. We left feeling cheated by the restaurant and definitely will not recommend anyone to visit them. Don’t go there! Even Mc Donalds are better!

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  • Written Oct 5, 2009
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