Bank Muamallat take so long to process the loan

It is almost 9-10 months after signing SnP agreement and i still didn’t get the key. Which part of problem started. Is it bank or lawyer. This both parties play major part in the process of buying a house. It seem like lawyer is very busy and also it is look like Bank having received first customer of their entire life. Everything is so slow. You will listen to the officer who are giving reason of the staff give birth, the officer having seminar for 3 days and thousand of reason they start giving to us because they are so lazy and very slow to process all the documents.

In my case, i was contacted my developer and he give opinion on the problem make by bank. Lawyer only to process the document and bank will proceed to disburse the money. In my opinion, both are lousy. Lawyer should represent me to make the process finish very fast. Not to let their client to solve by themselves. We buy a house not every year, even once for entire of life, so you expect buyer will know what to do next with all the process of buying house ? Of course we have no idea. Lawyer should play their part, call bank if necessary, call developer if needed. Not let client do it alone and do it everything. We pay you to giver service to us. Not only asking us to sign the agreement and let the buyer to solve everything by themselves. This is what happened to me. After almost 9 months, and still waiting the bank to settle everything and disburse money. Hopefully i can get good news by next week.

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